NAZpicture Adventure Photography About

NAZpicture Adventure Photography About

Colorado Based Landscape, Nature, Lifestyle, Astro, Time-Lapse and Travel Photographer. Photography by Nicholas Zupancich.

Nick is a self-taught outdoor adventure photographer currently traveling full-time in a converted Sprinter Van. He is a part-time Geologist, full-time outdoorsman, hiker, camper, photographer and dreamer, who loves capturing the essences of his experiences in nature through his camera.  Since moving to Colorado from West Michigan in 2011, he has become obsessed with being in the most beautiful, natural environments he can find.

Photography became a passion after he had spent many nights solo camping in the mountains of Colorado. He decided that what he was witnessing was too beautiful for him to keep for himself.  In July 2014, Nick bought his first camera. Diving deep into nature and sharing what he finds with the world has been a consistent compulsion ever since. 

He believes that there is an incredible amount of power in regularly guiding the vision of the masses to our wild lands and natural wonders. The more we have the environment on our minds, the more likely we will focus our time and effort to protecting, preserving and restoring it.

His goal is to show people just how powerfully good nature and wilderness areas are for the human spirit and hopes to inspire more people to experience the natural world (responsibly).

Take only pictures. Leave no trace.

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